Our Company

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Hartville Pet Insurance plans are offered by PTZ Insurance Agency, Ltd.

Our organization is one of the original pet insurance providers, and we strive to stay ahead of the pack. Although our agency has changed ownership throughout the years, our organization has been helping protect thousands of pets since 1997. Our program defined and continue to redefine quality coverage and service by consistently improving plans to include more of what our customers want and need. We offer an informative and transparent enrollment process, a Member Center where customers can self-manage their accounts, and continue to add ever-evolving customer support technologies.

Our Culture


One of our top priorities is creating a work environment that is fun, welcoming, inspiring, and supportive of employee wellness and community outreach. We support both human- and animal-oriented charity organizations in and around our headquarters in Akron, Ohio, through on-site volunteering, fundraisers, and donation drives.

We aim to continue being the type of organization that earns these distinctions by making our work environment a place where everyone can thrive and making our community a place where everyone feels at home.

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