Here are some common questions from our pet parents about their coverage, and the answers to them.

Your insurance can be used for treatment received at any licensed veterinary clinic in the U.S. or Canada. This includes treatment from specialists and emergency care facilities.

You can submit claims by logging into the Member Center or simply by opening our My Pet Insurance app, which allows you to access all the Member Center features except for Add A Pet. And by the way – uploading a pic of your invoice for the claim form is totally fine.

We bust our tails to process your claims as quickly as possible. Most of the time, we get them processed in 30 days or less. We’ll send you email updates on each claim’s progress, but you can also track them any time in the Member Center.

If you opted to add Preventive Care to your plan, it’ll cover a list of preventive services with set annual reimbursement amounts. Claims for preventive services can be submitted the same way as other claims.

If you don’t have Preventive Care now but decide later that you do want it, you can add it for a little more per month at the time your plan renews.

Log into the Member Center and go to "Pets." Then, click "View Policy Details," and you’ll be able to download a copy of it.

Complete CoverageSM and Accident-Only Coverage take effect 14 days after you enrolled. Preventive Care, if you have it, takes effect the day after you enrolled.

Absolutely. There is no limit to the number of pets you can have on your account, and actually, you get a 10% discount for each additional pet that you insure. You can quickly add a new pet to your account in the Member Center, or you can have us take care of it by calling 1-866-204-6764.

It’s up to you really, but we recommend direct deposit. If you haven’t yet, you can set up direct deposit in the Member Center. Otherwise, your reimbursement checks will be sent via snail mail.

Go to “Account Information” in the Member Center.

No matter what your pet’s age or general health, we will never cancel or downgrade their coverage, but you will see an increase in premium as your pet grows older.

Psh, no way! But it does help to submit them within 270 days of your pet’s vet visit.