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Burning Questions

Get the answers to questions that all pet parents are asking

golden retriever dog being fed a raspberry from a woman in a white sweater and brown pants holding a cheese board

What Cats and Dogs Eat Besides Pet Food?

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pet owner cleaning food bowls in the sink

How Often Should I Wash My Pet and Their Supplies?

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close up of an angry-looking devon rex cat

Does My Cat Hate Me? Understanding a Cat’s Moods

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woman playing with a cat outdoors

How Do Pets Help My Mental Health?

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Little dog maltese and black and white cat eating food from a bowl in home

What Should I Do if My Pet Eats Something Harmful?

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english bulldog puppy eating grass out in the yard

Can Dogs Eat This? Grass, Poop, Bugs, and More

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dog hiding face while on a bed with a plaid blanket

Do Dogs and Cats Get Embarrassed?

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dog eating watermelon on a dock

Can Dogs Eat Fruits and Vegetables?

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pug resting on its back with its tongue sticking out on a bed with blue stripe sheets

What Is the Ideal Sleeping Situation for Pets?

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