Scottish fold cat dressed like a superhero in a blue mask and cape

Cat Saves the Day: True Stories of Heroic Cats

Have you ever looked at your cat stretched out in a sunbeam and thought, there’s a hero in the making? Me neither. However, there are some hero cats who deserve our admiration.

Baby Protector

Cat saves baby sounds like an over-the-top headline. But the feat was captured on a video posted by an officer of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS). In the video, a baby crawls quickly across the floor towards a dangerous flight of stairs.

Suddenly, a cat leaps out from the corner of the room, body blocks the baby, and bars the entryway to the stairs. The baby sits up unharmed but stunned. The cat stays put, keeping the baby safe until an adult enters the room.

If that hero cat hadn’t leapt into action, it’s likely the baby would have taken a bad tumble. We’re guessing that cat was an Aries, a Zodiac sign known for boldness and bravery.

orange kitten being held by a firefighter

Feline Fire Alarms

Cats seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to fires. Here are a few fire-detecting felines of note.


The 13-year-old Chicago tabby named Baby was always a shy and quiet cat—at least until the night of the house fire. The blaze started in a back room where Josh and Letitia had stored cribs and baby gear. Letitia was seven months pregnant with twins.

Sensing the smoke, Baby became bold and loud as she pounced on the couple sleeping in bed. That woke them up quickly, and they were all able to get to safety.

One firefighter called Baby a hero cat. If it wasn’t for Baby’s quick and courageous action, the couple might not have made it out in time.

Fun Fact

You might think your cat hates you when they walk out of a room when you come in. But it’s not you. It’s them.

Peanut Buster and Midnight

A family in Indiana lost their homes to a fire in 2020, but they did not lose their lives thanks to Peanut Buster and Midnight. The two hero cats detected the fire and quickly woke their owner Kimberly up.

Kimberly was able to flee the house just before the flames swept across the first floor. Sadly, Midnight did not make it out in time, but Peanut Buster was able to escape.

Kimberly’s husband said she often has trouble getting around. The cats’ early warning likely saved her life.

Dexter and Daisy

Dexter and Daisy were lying comfortably in their owner’s bed when they unexpectedly jumped up and ran to the apartment door. The owner was sure it was a delivery person, but the cats were so freaked out that he decided to check it out.

Turns out, the stairwell outside the door was billowing with smoke. He quickly called for help, and a neighbor was able to extinguish the fire. If not for Dexter and Daisy, this story could have had a tragic ending.

Quick Tip

Whether your cat is a hero or not, they can still make a mess. If your cat kicks the litter around, try a box with a top and front flap.

Medic Alerts

We typically think of dogs when it comes to animals who aid people with health conditions, like epilepsy. But these hero cats show felines are up to the task too.


Alan couldn’t be happier that he adopted his cat Bear—especially after his frisky feline saved his life. Alan has a number of health conditions and lived alone with Bear. He didn’t feel well one day and laid down for a nap.

Bear must’ve known something was wrong. She jumped up on Alan’s chest and pawed at him until he opened his eyes. Alan felt even worse than before and immediately dialed 911. The medics checked his blood sugar and found that it had dropped dangerously low.

At the hospital, Alan’s doctor said he probably would have died if Bear hadn’t woken him up. Alan was released from the hospital to recover at home with his lifesaving kitty.

Quick Tip

Has your cat done something special? Show your feline you love them using language they’ll understand, like extra praise or a new toy.


Walter is definitely Hazel’s cat hero. He’s credited with saving her life more than 50 times! Over the years, Walter has become a pro at knowing when Hazel’s blood sugar drops too low. Whenever it happens, he makes sure to rouse her quickly if she’s sleeping.

Funny enough, Hazel had adopted a dog to act as her warning system for low blood sugar levels. The dog is incredibly sweet, but it was clear that she wasn’t the right girl for the job. Luckily for Hazel, she’s in good paws with Walter.

gray cat booping noses with a child in a fluffy orange bear onesie

Child Protector

In this remarkable cat saves boy from dog story, an unidentified feline in Brazil was at the right place at the right time. Video of the incident showed a small boy throwing a rock at a dog. The dog jumped on the boy—but the cat wasn’t having it.

The protective feline bolted across the street and leapt at the dog. The pooch turned its attention to the cat and the boy ran to safety. Fortunately, the cat also managed to escape just as an adult showed up on the scene.

Surely, the boy learned his lesson that day. Don’t throw stones at dogs and be kind to cats. They could save your life one day.

Fun Fact

Our cats can help boost our mental health. For instance, they coax us out of bed on dreary mornings and listen to our problems without judgment.

Bear Chaser

Jack is a big tabby cat weighing in at fifteen pounds. But you wouldn’t think he’d win a face-off with a bear.

According to Jack’s owner Donna, the clawless tabby cat did not like trespassers. One day, he spotted a bear wandering across his wooded backyard in West Milford, NJ. Jack chased the bear up a nearby tree and stood guard below. When the bear tried to get away, he chased it up another tree.

Donna heard the commotion and called Jack safely inside. If it hadn’t been for her fearless feline, she might have gone out and run into the bear herself, which could have ended badly.

Did you know?

Most housecats weigh in at around ten pounds on average. But Maine Coon cats can get up to 25 pounds!

Baby Warmer

The headlines read something like “Homeless Cat Saves Baby” after this astonishing incident. It was a frigid night when a hero cat named Masha came across an abandoned baby in an apartment stairwell.

Masha’s nurturing instincts kicked in when she spotted him. She curled up next to the little bundle keeping him warm as the temperature dropped well below freezing.

After several hours, residents in the building heard Masha crying. She was typically a quiet and easygoing cat, so they knew something was wrong. They found the pair huddled together and quickly called an ambulance.

The baby was taken to the hospital and found to be healthy. Masha received lots of love and treats from the residents to thank her for saving the baby.

We love our cats, whether they’re heroes or not. Doesn’t yours deserve protection? Discover our plans.